• Personalized Baby Book

    Each book is individually and lovingly made and will include pictures of your child, either alone or with you, any brothers and sister's (if applicable), as well as with Grandparents.

    You have 2 ways of having the book made. It can either be an ebook (pdf format easily read using adobe reader) which will be emailed to you for $10 or have it printed and mailed to you for $20 (shipping included). One (1) free book for every donation. (Only 1 free item per donation.)

    Ebook "What do Babies Dream?"

  • Chinese Cross Stitch

    How would you like a very unusual gift for your favorite person? Their name cross stitched in Chinese characters.

    Chinese Cross Stitched Name Pattern

    One (1) free Chinese cross stitch pattern for every $7 donation. It will be emailed to you, unless asked to do differently. (Only 1 free item per donation.)

    name in chinese characters - Joseph