About Us

photo3 (4K)In 2000, my family and I found out that my nephew (Austin, as pictured on the left, at the age of thirteen) had cancer.

When I told some of the people in the area about him, they wanted to send him cards to tell him that they were thinking about him and how they hoped he would get well soon.

These people had never met my nephew, never even seen a picture of him, yet they cared about him.

Their kindness made me realize that there were other children and teens who would appreciate this same kindness. In 2001, I came up with the concept of sending cards to sick children in the hospital under the name of Cards for Kids.

After some research, it was discovered that some of the children we wanted to send cards to would never get well. That is why we did not and will not send get well cards.

So I started sending "Thinking of You" cards to various children's hospitals in our area.

Since all expenses were being paid by one individual at that time, we decided to send coloring pages. Cards for Kids was placed on the web in 2003. In 2005, we changed our name to Pages for Children.

With the help of family and friends, PFCI started the process of becoming a non-profit organization in 2008. In January of 2009 we became incorporated, and received our non-profit status in May of 2009. Even though we are a new non-profit, we are determined to reach as many children as possible through our program.

There are thousands of children and teens across the United States who are sick and terminally ill. Most of these children and teens may feel lost and alone. Imagine for a few minutes that you are five, eight or even thirteen years old. You have a condition that there is no known cure, or treatments that can be almost as bad as the illness, if not worse.

Imagine having to go through countless treatments on the slim chance that just maybe you'll get a temporary reprieve. Imagine that your illness has you confined to a wheelchair because your body won't cooperate with your brain. Even if your illness isn't that bad, imagine having to spend time in a hospital when all of your friends are outside playing. How would you feel if this were you?

These are the ones Pages for Children, Inc. is trying to reach. By sending different books and cards, these children have something to do besides stare at four white walls all day long. We send these items to various hospitals across the United States and let them pass them out as needed. We will keep them supplied with these items so that there is always something to give these children.

Pages for Children, Inc. wants these children and teens to know that there are people in the world who care about them, that no matter what happens to them, they are loved.

To do this Pages for Children, Inc. need your help. With your donation we can do this. With your help, we can reach these children and teens. We can let them know that they are not alone, that we do care.

As of right now, all employees, from the board of directors down are all volunteers. There are no paid employees at Pages for Children.

Please help us reach these children. Please help us let them know that someone cares about them.

To do this, we need your help. There are several things we need to help reach these children. - We need new or gently used books that are appropriate for anyone 18 or under. It doesn't have to be reading books, it can be coloring books, activity books, even cloth books that you have made yourself. We have found that the most popular are coloring, activity and puzzle books. - Drawing sets, that include crayons, colored pencils, watercolors, markers and other drawing material.- Birthday cards and various holiday cards are needed also. We feel that just getting these cards, even if they aren't on the correct day will bring a smile to the faces of these children. We may miss the actual date on delivering these cards, but they will be given during the correct month. - Crayons will be great, if you can send some to go with the coloring books. It won't be any fun if you have a coloring book without something to color with. - We also need money to cover the day to day expenses of mailing these to the hospital. Examples: buying postage, boxes and other items that may come up.